MDMA Therapy Training Program

The MDMA Therapy Training Program is a clinical training program that facilitates learning in the theory, skills, and practice of MDMA-assisted therapy. The theoretical approach is based on a philosophy that every person has within them an intrinsic wisdom and ability to heal, and that this inner healing wisdom blossoms naturally in an environment of safety and support.

2022 Training Formats


Blended Format (Online & In-Person)

Tuition: $5,000 + additional fees for lodging, meals, and meeting space

Program includes:

  • One five and a half day in-person retreat with lead trainers (40 hours)
  • Coursework, reading, and activities to complete before and after the retreat (60 hours)


  • April 3-8, North Carolina
  • May 22-27, Colorado
  • September 25-30, Colorado
  • Additional locations and dates are still being finalized


Virtual Format (Fully Online)

Tuition: $5,000

14-week online program includes:

  • Welcome Presentation  
  • 3 Virtual Weekend Retreats (Saturday and Sunday, 5 hours each day) 
  • Coursework, reading, and activities to complete before each retreat (60 hours) 
  • Small Group meetings for discussion and practice (1.5 hours each) 

Cohorts (subject to change):

  • Summer 2022 Virtual Cohort: May – August
  • Fall 2022 Virtual Cohort: September – January


Time Commitment

The MDMA Therapy Training Program is a clinical training program that provides an opportunity for clinicians and counselors to reach competency in the practice of MDMA-assisted therapy. With a focus on clinical skills building, practice, and development, trainees can expect to be engaged in the coursework before, during, and after retreats and small groups.

Time commitment for trainees: 100 hours plus experiential elective

  • Attending retreats, presentations, and small groups (making up 40 hours of the program)
  • Completing assigned coursework (60 hours)
  • Trainees should commit an average of 6-8 hours a week towards the program
    • Retreat weeks will require more than other weeks
  • Attendance is required for every retreat and Small Group meeting
  • Coursework is required to satisfy graduation requirements
  • Experiential elective may be satisfied through 10-hour Breathwork Workshop or by applying credit from an approved external elective

Trainees are assessed on their participation in the course and demonstration of competencies. Assessments are made in the spirit of authentic learning, where practice is emphasized and constructive feedback and resources are provided to support trainees in reaching competence.

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